10 Myths About Genetics We Still Believe

The Internet is a storehouse of countless theories concerning millions of topics we often blindly believe.

Today decided to deal with the most popular Internet myths about genetics — these certainly shouldn’t be taken for truth.

10 Myths About Genetics We Still Believe

In fact, mixed genes simply provide a well-functioning immune system. Scientists believe that people with such a system are perceived as more attractive: the people around them have a subconscious feeling that those people will have the same healthy progeny.

10 Myths About Genetics We Still Believe

In fact, only a predisposition to cancer is inherited, and only 5-10% of cases are caused by genetics. This applies to such types as stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, and acute leukemia.

10 Myths About Genetics We Still Believe

As we know, DNA has to mutate. A mutation is a random error during the transmission of genes that provides diversity in natural selection. And if DNA was really perfect, evolution would stop because of the lack of diversity. As a consequence, mankind would become extinct.

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