10 Tricks to Bring You Back to Life When You Feel Exhausted

In the office, at a shopping mall, or on a walk with your kid — exhaustion can creep up at the most inopportune moments. Sometimes fatigue is caused by stress and lack of exercise, and sometimes we can feel exhausted because of a poor diet and working environment. But wherever you are and whatever you do, there’s a way to boost your energy without 10 cups of coffee or 10 hours of sleep.

We’ve selected these energy-boosting tricks to help you fight fatigue and recharge your batteries.

Take a 20-minute “power nap.”

10 Tricks to Bring You Back to Life When You Feel Exhausted

Sleep researchers believe that 20 minutes is just the right time for a nap that’ll make you feel alert and productive after you wake up. While a deeper and longer sleep at night gives your body and mind a full restoration, a 20 minute nap during the day will give you more energy to continue your work. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your power nap:

  • Take your nap in a cool, dark place with no distractions;
  • Use a sleep mask to get rid of light;
  • Take a nap an hour or 2 after lunch;
  • Refresh yourself with a short walk or a splash of water on your face after you get up.

Sit up straight.

10 Tricks to Bring You Back to Life When You Feel Exhausted

Studies have shown that sitting in an upright position helps us fight fatigue by increasing the oxygen level in our blood. Other trials have demonstrated that people who sit straight tend to be in a better mood and experience less negative emotions compared to those who sit in a slumped posture. You can also do some light stretching right at your desk to improve blood circulation and get a boost of energy.

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