10 Ways for How to Spot Low-Quality Products

Fun Fact: 50% of the cheese you see in the market is NOT cheese at all. To meet the demand, producers these days are supplying consumers with artificial products and it is getting harder to shop.

To help you look for genuine products, We found some cool tricks you can use when you go shopping next time.

1. Cheese

10 Tips for How to Spot Low-Quality Products

The best trick to buy the top quality cheese is this — taste it with your nose. If you are getting your cheese sliced at the deli counter, ask to try a piece before you commit to buying and smell the cheese you are about to buy. If the flavor lingers and the texture seems just right, go ahead. It is also extremely important to read the label. Pasteurized processed cheese is less than 50% cheese and sometimes it is not cheese at all.

According to reports, cheese manufacturers are scamming consumers by selling processed fake cheese. This kind of cheese looks thick and doesn’t melt at all.

2. Pineapple

10 Tips for How to Spot Low-Quality Products

With pineapples, the color matters the most. A golden-yellow pineapple is best for immediate consumption. For a quality check, look for white spots on the fruit. If the eyes of the pineapple have some whitish powder on them, this indicates that the fruit is still unripe. Smell the pineapple, if it smells sweet, it is good.

On the other hand, a brown bottom and a fermented smelling pineapple should be avoided. You can also try squishing the pineapple with your hands. Low quality or unripe pineapple will be hard whereas the overripe one will be too squishy. Find the one with the perfect balance.

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