11 Ways You Might Be Treating Your Dog Wrong

Most of us see our dogs as true members of the family, so we surely want the best for them. But sometimes, even the greatest “dog moms and dads” can make serious errors that can be harmful to our furry babies.

We are huge dog lovers and we want them to live healthy, happy, and long lives. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some common mistakes that you can avoid when it comes to taking care of your dog the right way.

1. Sharing your food

11 Ways You Might Be Treating Your Dog Wrong

Even if your dog makes that adorable face while begging for some table scraps, don’t give in. Some foods are dangerous to dogs and can lead to severe health problems. Bones can cause your pets to choke or damage their intestines, onions and garlic are toxic for dogs and can cause gastroenteritis or anemia, and chocolate might give your furry friend an upset stomach.

2. Walking them on hot concrete

11 Ways You Might Be Treating Your Dog Wrong

Summer days can cause roads to melt and the asphalt might be too hot for dogs’ paws, which can be just as sensitive as our feet. You can avoid severe burns to its paws by walking your pet on safe surfaces like grass.

3. Physically punishing your dog

11 Ways You Might Be Treating Your Dog Wrong

Sometimes, dogs can be naughty, but you should never hit them. This is animal abuse and it’s not acceptable. And besides that, physical punishment it’s not an effective form of discipline. It destroys the bond between you and your dog and it only leads to aggressive behavior for the dog. Instead of doing that, try reward-based training.

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