12 Best Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

Every year, there are thousands of new movies released and there is no way you can watch all of them. This is why we learned to use ratings and descriptions in order to not waste 2 hours of our precious time. But some films made such a huge impression, that even after the credits roll, you still can’t stop thinking about it. Movies like this are totally worth the time.

We have found the films that will definitely give you the chills. Here’s the list:

1. Angel of Mine, 2019

12 Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

This is an Australian remake of the 2008 French film L’empreinte de l’ange. The main character Lizzie lost her newborn daughter several years ago. Even though she tried to deal with her grief, she failed. She divorces her husband and becomes very reserved. But at one point, she meets 7-year-old Lola and recognizes her daughter in her, who survived and grew up. From this moment, you are in for a lot of tension and a great atmosphere because Lizzie is not going to lose her daughter again.

  • IMDb rating — 6.5

2. Swallow, 2019

12 Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

Everything about Hunter’s life was great: she had friends, a wealthy loving husband, and she felt good as an owner of a big house. The only thing she wanted to have was a baby. And then when Hunter finally got pregnant, some very disturbing things started to happen. She becomes obsessed with swallowing inedible things. And nobody can help her: it seems that something dark is controlling her.

  • IMDb rating — 6.3

3. A Quiet Place Part II, 2020

12 Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

This is not just another survival story in a post-apocalyptic world, but a very deep thriller. The Abbott family from the first film continues to fight for their lives. Let’s refresh: the world is full of terrible monsters that react to noise, so the family created a sign language they use to communicate and understand each other. But we know that it is impossible to force children to keep quiet, so the monsters find out their location. In the new film, the family has to travel and deal with all the horrors of the world.

4. The Mustang, 2019

12 Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

Roman Coleman becomes the participant of a program involving the training of wild mustangs. At first, he just cleans up after the horses, but then he starts to train them. And it all goes well until he meets the wildest and most aggressive mustang that is impossible to teach. Roman is used to solving all of his problems with brutal force, but this horse is not scared of him. So, the only way to find an approach to the animal is to tame the “beast” inside Roman himself. This is a serious movie about how to solve your own problems through communication with animals.

  • IMDb rating — 6.9
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