12 Things We Should Avoid Before a Flight

Flying is always stressful, even for those who aren’t afraid of airplanes. And it’s not surprising since you have to plan everything in advance, pack your bags, arrive at the airport on time, and pass all of the necessary procedures that often make even the most experienced travelers feel dizzy.

We love traveling, so today, we want to tell you about some of the mistakes that you might not even know you’re making at the airport.

12. Putting documents in a small bag

12 Things We Should Avoid Before a Flight

Some people put all of their necessary documents in a small bag so they can always have them by their side. But the more bags you have, the more difficult it is to keep an eye on everything. A tiny bag can be left in a taxi or in an airport cafe. It’s better to put your ID card or passport in the pocket of a larger bag and put small amounts of money in different places.

11. Forgetting to find out how to get to the airport in advance

12 Things We Should Avoid Before a Flight

If you want to go to the airport using public transport, don’t forget to find the schedule for that. Some night routes are often cancelled or don’t exist at all, so you may have to find another option to get to the airport in the evening. On the other hand, in some cities, there are aero-express trains that run 24 hours. So if you have heavy luggage and you live near a station, you can avoid spending money on a taxi.

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