12 Weird But True Signs to Tell If a Person Is Intelligent According To Scientists

10. You are an older sibling.

Scientists Determined 12 Weird But True Signs to Tell If a Person Is Intelligent

Scientists from Edinburgh University have proved that older children almost always have a small but statistically significant advantage in terms of IQ: it’s usually 3 points higher. It turned out that this difference is connected not to biological or genetic factors, but to the psychological interaction between parents and children.

However, it is worth noting that Dmitri Mendeleev was the youngest of 17 siblings. However, this did not stop him from creating the periodic table of elements and leaving his mark in history.

9. Your height is above average.

A Princeton study conducted by Anne Case and Christina Paxson showed that taller children often earn more points on IQ tests and are more well-off in adulthood. For example, Steve Jobs’s height was 6’2 ft.

This tendency can be seen in early childhood: fast-growing 3-year-olds do better on different tests than their shorter peers.

8. You used to attend a music school.

Scientists Determined 12 Weird But True Signs to Tell If a Person Is Intelligent

Glenn Schellenberg’s study shows that children who attended two different types of music lessons (keyboard or voice) for 9 months had a higher IQ level in comparison to those who had only drama classes or skipped any activities.

In 2013, Glenn Schellenberg even suggested that high IQ is the main reason why these kids decided to pick up music in the first place.

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