13 Archaeological Discoveries That Puzzle Modern Scientists

Archaeology is one of the most important studies that sheds light on our past. But what if the past is not what we think it is?

We collected some unexpected discoveries that surprised historians very much.

13. Central heating in the Minoan Palace, 2700-1400 BC

13 Archaeological Discoveries That Puzzle Modern Scientists

An unexpected discovery was made in Knossos, in the ruins of the palace. The ancient Minoan civilization heated the palace using special cylindrical constructions with semicircular roofs. They were placed under the floor and heated with fire, warming the entire palace.

12. Vending machine, 100 BC

13 Archaeological Discoveries That Puzzle Modern Scientists

Modern vending machines had a predecessor that was used to sell holy water in ancient temples. It was invented by Hero of Alexandria. A person put a coin inside the vending machine, and it pushed a lever that opened a valve. This allowed some holy water to pour out. Unfortunately, this brilliant idea was forgotten, and vending machines were reinvented at the end of the 19th century.

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