14 Simple Things That Stand Between “Tastes Good” and “It’s Amazing”

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking, it’s still something you have to do either on occasion or even every day. But if you want the results to always meet your expectations, you should make use of simple pieces of advice that would make your dishes taste much better. Very often, it’s just one simple step stands between “good food” and “amazing food.”

We gathered non-obvious tricks that really work. How do we know? The author of the article has tested them herself.

1. Let yourself enjoy the fifth taste.

14 Simple Things That Stand Between “Tastes Good” and “It’s Amazing”

In the 19th century, French chef Auguste Escoffier invented the fifth taste that complemented all known types of taste (sweet, salty, sour, and bitter). Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda proved this fact scientifically. “The fifth taste” is what soy sauce tastes like; its taste is hard to explain but easy to recognize. It’s also called umami; it’s rich in glutamate which creates the “meat” aftertaste.

This peculiar feature is often used by famous chefs. Add several drops of soy sauce and it will open up the full taste of a stew, rice, soup, and other dishes.

2. To make your pastries taste amazing, add salt and another nonobvious ingredient to dough.

When used in small amounts, salt has a beneficial effect on the quality of your baked goods. Here’s what you’ll notice if you add salt:

  • Yeast dough will rise more quickly;
  • Baked foods will have a yellow-golden color;
  • The dough will become light and airy.

Dough (except for dumpling dough, sponge-method dough, cookie dough, and puff pastry) can also be improved with a pinch of semolina flour. 1 tsp mixed with 2 cups of water will make your buns stay fresh much longer. It also works really great with cinnamon rolls, pies, and pancakes.

3. Cornstarch will make your omelet fluffy.

14 Simple Things That Stand Between “Tastes Good” and “It’s Amazing”

All kinds of fried eggs (except for sunny-side ups) will be softer and fluffier with a pinch of cornstarch. Besides, it makes the whole process of cooking much shorter. Chefs say it should take no more than 15 seconds.

Just add 1 tsp of cornstarch for every 3 eggs.

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