14 Secrets Most Plane Passengers Don’t Know About

Flights and airports are not always associated with comfort and pleasure, unless you are the owner of a private jet. There are many tips and tricks that can make your flight to any point in the world comfortable and easily accessible. For example, a simple combination of keys on the keyboard can help you buy cheaper tickets and a special sticker will allow you to get your luggage faster and avoid a line at the airport.

We have collected travel secrets from flight attendants and experienced travelers that you can easily use during your next flight.

1. How to handle luggage

14 Secrets Most Plane Passengers Don’t Know About

  • Many travelers believe that a “Fragile” sticker can help them protect their luggage from damage during their flight. Also, this sticker can help you get your luggage a little bit faster. The thing is that bags with these stickers are usually placed on top of other bags which means that they will be one of the first to arrive to you.
  • Here’s another piece of advice from people who travel a lot: Almost all passengers have dark bags. So in order not have to spend a lot of time looking for your baggage, buy a bright-colored bag that you can easily tell from the others.
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