15 Discontinued Cars Ford Should Bring Back

Ford, one of the biggest names in the automotive and racing industry, has produced some incredible cars, and they should bring them back!

Ford is surely one of the most famous car manufacturers out there. The famous blue oval has been building cars since the Model T and has become incredibly popular since then. Over the years the company has produced some amazing cars and is still continuing to do so.

Some of those great cars though are sadly no longer in production. What’s more, a lot of these cars are so good that we all wish they could return. Now we might be really dreaming in some cases, as it would be hard to build a Ford Thunderbird just as it was in 1955. But we can dream, right?

This list contains 15 cars that Ford should come back. Like I have said, this is a bit fantasy in some ways as it would be hard to bring them back exactly as they were. But just imagine if they could. What an awesome world that would be.

Ford Cortina

1073 Ford Cortina

The Ford Cortina gained a lot of popularity in Great Britain. Whilst not every model of the car was perfect, they were cult icons after starring in multiple police TV shows. ‘Life on Mars’ is the most recent example from just over ten years ago, and it became a ‘cop car’ icon once again.

Ford Lightning

1995 Ford Lightning

One of the coolest pickup trucks Ford has ever produced, the Lightning has become something of a classic. It was made by the Ford Special Vehicles Team (SVT) and it produced a wonderful 240 hp from its hefty 5.8-liter V8 engine. Many have come to see it as a bit of a truck icon, and it remains very popular to this day.

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