15 Exciting Routes That Will Make Your Travel Experiences Unforgettable

Do you like adventures? We decided to create a compilation of some really cool and crazy places where you can experience big thrills! We’ve included air, road, and train journey experiences.

1. The Maeklong Railway, Thailand

15 Exciting Routes That Will Make Your Travel Experiences Unforgettable

At first, it looks like a normal crowded Asian market like any other, but the picture changes when you see that a train passes right through the market several times a day. The market is literally on the tracks. Whenever the train approaches, it creates a hustle as all the shops take a step back to clear the rails, replacing their goods once the train passes by. This train is one of the slowest in Thailand with a speed of 30 km/h.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport — a hairy landing

An average aircraft usually needs a minimum of 8,000 feet of runway to land safely. However, the landing strip at Princess Juliana International Airport is only 7,456 feet, and some of the biggest airplanes in the world — like A340s and A747s — land there. And that’s not all! In order to land there, the planes need to pass over a beach and a fence to get to the runway.

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