15 Hygiene Habits We Need To Forget

Growing up, our families taught us how to maintain and take care of our bodies by teaching us simple hygiene habits. Although you’ve probably had the same routine for years, it’s time to change that. By switching up your outdated and harmful hygiene traditions, you’ll notice great improvements in your hair, skin and overall health. Ditch these habits for good!

1. Using Too Much Lotion

Each time you notice your skin is a little dry, you probably apply a generous amount of moisturizer. This bad habit actually causes our skin to become naturally more dry, as using too much lotion will cause our skin to adapt and produce less emollient, leaving our skin deprived of natural moisture. Dry skin causes wrinkles, so be careful with the moisturizer!

2. Using Cotton Swabs For Your Ears

Although using cotton swabs to clean your inner ear is common, it can be dangerous. Many cases of hearing loss, punctured eardrums, and even infections can be caused by this bad hygiene habit. Earwax is actually a natural, healthy substance which can help keep your ear safe from harmful bacteria or even insects. Wash excess away with water in the shower, but ditch the cotton swabs.

3. Brushing Teeth After A Meal

You may think the more times you brush your teeth the better, but you would be wrong. If you’ve eaten food with critic acid, it is important to wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth. During this time, your saliva will naturally neutralize acids from the food. Brushing after the meal will actually damage your tooth enamel much more than not brushing at all.

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