15 Hygiene Habits We Need To Forget

4. Using Air Dryers For Your Hands

Much like tooth brushing, you may think that washing your hands often is the safest practice, but not if you’re making this crucial mistake. Electric air dryers that we use after washing our hands are breeding grounds for bacteria, dispersing these germs back onto your freshly-washed hands. Utilize paper towels for a safe and sanitary hand washing experience.

5. Using Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers contain harmful chemicals that are known to be cancerous. They utilize triclosan for use in place of soap and water in a bind but can be detrimental to your health. Always wash your hands with regular soap instead when possible.

6. Bubble Baths

With the growing popularity of bath bombs and other luxurious soaps meant for relaxation, it’s hard to believe that these products aren’t the best for our health. Soaking in these products can be dangerous and lead to skin problems and even infections due to the scented ingredients, which can mess up your natural pH balance.

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