15 Sad Photos Of Supercars Being Towed Away

The wasted time, the extra cost, the embarrassment of watching something so valuable get lifted up and limped off. None of these things are as bad as the internal worry that whatever caused your car to stop will cause it to never be the same.

Sometimes more money can indeed mean more problems and most of us will never have to watch as one of our possessions that cost more than some houses get taken away. The owners of the cars featured below did indeed have those sinking feelings.

Some of these were towed for the failure of a component, some for legally questionable actions and still others for reasons unknown. All I know is that I’m glad I’m not having to pay for any of the bills that resulted from these particular cars being hauled away.

Ford DB7

The DB7 goes onto the flatbed

The DB7 was actually quite beautiful. Being a part of many video game series of the era it also made its way into the hearts of young and old. The only bad part was that this was the same time that Aston Martin was owned by Ford and so many of the parts were out of the Ford parts bin. It certainly shows at times.

Naked Veyron

No cover for the Veyron

I don’t know what this Bugatti driver did to require his million-dollar car to be towed away but I can promise you he was sweating bullets as it went up onto the truck and then as it drove down the road with no cover or anything else to protect it. I can’t say I blame him.

Broken Aston

The DB is Down

Aston Martin has come a long way since the days of their Ford dominated line up. The Vantage here pictured is incredibly reliable and fun to drive regardless of the motor under the hood. Sadly that wasn’t the case this day for this Aston

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