15 Things About Life in Greece That May Seem Weird to Anyone Who Doesn’t Live There

The first things that come to our minds when we think about Greece are Zeus, The Odyssey, and Greek salad. However, this country is the perfect place to live life and to rest in. In Greece, there are 300 sunny days a year, you can swim in 4 different seas, and the locals are hospitable and welcoming. However, just like in any other country, Greece has some nuances and everyday difficulties.

We decided to find out how Greek people live and what exactly is so special about this amazing country.

1. It’s hard for a woman to take her husband’s last name.

15 Things About Life in Greece That May Seem Weird to Anyone Who Doesn’t Live There

It’s almost impossible to take your husband’s last name after getting married. You could try and get the court’s permission but only if there are very good reasons for it. “When I was getting married to a Greek man, I wanted to have his last name. I was so shocked when I found out that it was legally impossible,” is an example of what many women from foreign forums about Greek Family Law talk about. You can file an official plea to have a double last name. However, it will take quite a lot of time and will cost a lot of money. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you will get a positive answer. Children, on the other hand, can get either their father’s or their mother’s last names.

Interestingly enough, before 1983, there was a law in Greece that made women take their husband’s last names. It was compulsory. But then, a famous Greek politician named Andreas Papandreou fell in love with a flight attendant and decided to get divorced from his wife, Margaret Papandreou. The insulted wife said, “There will be no other Mrs. Papandreou.” Somehow, the woman influenced lawmakers and Greece eventually adopted the law that prohibits women to have their husbands’ last names.

2. People in Greece rarely get divorced.

15 Things About Life in Greece That May Seem Weird to Anyone Who Doesn’t Live There

A divorce in Greece is something completely out of the ordinary. The marriage institution is carefully protected, so the percentage of divorces is the lowest in Europe. In order to get divorced, people in Greece have to overcome a lot of bureaucracy procedures and spend a lot of money. And according to Greek law, you can’t get divorced if you’ve been married for less than 6 months.

For Greeks, a family is everything and they really value family ties. Family celebrations in Greece typically consist of parties of 100 people with dancing and national songs.

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