15 Weird Leaks About Alien Alliances With The Nazis

Over the years, ex-government officials have leaked some unusual things about world governments involving a complex interrelationship with extra-terrestrials. The trend began in the 1970s when Jesse Marcel leaked his now famous allegations about the Roswell incident. It gained more traction in the 80s and 90s when more people, including Bob Lazar and Philip Corso, went public with claims about back-engineering UFO projects at Area 51.

Now, a few decades later, another series of leaks is deepening the mystery surrounding so-called black projects involving covert government headquarters and secret military projects. This time it involves the Nazis, who are now alleged to have been involved in a secret space program dating back to 1913. The source of the claims have already arisen before, but just this past year, a new source came forward to detail his experiences with US spy programs during World War II. The source, William Tompkins, alleges, among other things, that the Nazis were heavily involved with a species of ETs called the Reptilians, who were instrumental in making the Nazis a cutting military operation back in the early 1900s before WWII began. In addition to this and the now well-publicized Edward Snowden leak in 2014 about an alien link to the Nazi’s submarine program, a former CIA agent has also stepped forward in past years to ratify similar sorts of secret programs going on behind the public’s back.

Whether you believe these claims are true is up to you. Here are some of the claims these ex-agents and other government insiders have put forward in recent years, a series of revelations that has helped forge a new bizarre conspiracy theory about the Nazis.


Secret visits to Antarctica by the Nazis have already been documented by some historians. That they had a secret underground base there is another matter altogether. Really, it seems like an extreme way to develop secret weaponry without an opponent such as the Allies knowing, but it appears evident that the Nazis were at least exploring the option. In an interview this last spring, the 92-year-old Tompkins, however, said this is exactly what US spies discovered when they began their program on the Nazi SS and secret societies within the Nazi party. Tomkins, an aerospace engineer who says he received these secrets from the spies, stated in the interview that the Nazis began moving equipment and supplies to a clandestine Antarctica base as early as 1913. Some other reports state that the Nazis were in Antartica in 1938 or so, but Tompkins believes this move was far earlier.


According to Tompkins, the Nazis built a vast array of underground tunnels with the assistance of the Reptilian ET species, whom Hitler and the Nazi party had encountered some time back. These caverns they created resided next to very old caverns that the Reptilians had already created beneath the ice in the years prior. Presumably, this was done to help the Nazis conduct a large program of some sort without being detected. If the special operation was done somewhere in Germany or other more populated areas of the world, it was likely that it would detected by US spies or other local residents. But is also believed that the bases were created to protect Hitler in the event that he was unsuccessful in Europe and had to retreat.

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