16 Cheap And Easy DIY Irrigation Systems For A Self Watering Garden

Have you ever thought about creating your own irrigation system for your garden? imagine a garden that waters itself! If you have a relatively large garden, then you know how long it takes to get water to all of those plants. Here in the South, we often have to hand water our gardens, particularly during the hotter summer months when rain just doesn’t want to fall. While installing your own irrigation system may seem like a costly project, it can be really cheap. In fact, I have found 16 cheap and easy DIY irrigation systems that will take the difficulty out of keeping your garden watered. DIY to DIY to learn DIY best genius DIY to do

Having your own garden irrigation system in place can actually save you money because you don’t have to use as much water. The system puts water directly on the roots of your plants, where it needs to go. So, you’re not wasting water by dribbling it all over your actual plant. And, you can set the system to water whenever it is needed so you don’t have to worry about trekking out to the garden with a garden hose or worse, buckets of water for your watering. DIY to DIY to learn DIY best genius DIY to do

Gardening is one of my favorite projects. I love nothing more than planting a huge vegetable garden every spring and I can’t wait until those veggies come in throughout the season. Of course, watering can take up a lot of time each day but with these DIY irrigation systems, that part of the work is already done for you. And while you are watering one end of your garden, you can work on planting the other end. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.  DIY to DIY to learn DIY best genius DIY to do

1. DIY Easy Outdoor Drip Irrigation System

Easy Outdoor Drip Irrigation SystemThis easy to install drip irrigation system is hooked up to your outdoor faucet and it perfectly waters your garden when needed. You can unhook it when it is not in use so that you have your outdoor water supply for other things. This one won’t take you long at all to set up and it’s really cheap if you have certain supplies on hand – even if you have to buy them all, this one is not at all expensive. DIY to DIY to learn DIY best genius DIY to do

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