16 Facts About South Korea That Foreigners Have Never Heard Of

4. All drivers have to do alcohol tests.

16 Facts About South Korea That Foreigners Have Never Heard Of

In the evening, often on Fridays and Saturdays, Korean policemen block one side of the road and check all the drivers, except taxi drivers. When you see a patrol car, you have to pull over, open the window, and do an alcohol test.

Fines are paid depending on the concentration of alcohol in your blood: 0.05-0.10 per mille is $1,400—$2,800. They say that you can drink only 400 milliliters of beer or a shot of soju.

5. You don’t have to stay inside during the rainy season.

The monsoon season in Korea starts in July-August. Sometimes there are floods during this period. But cars still drive and people walk knee-deep in water, but under an umbrella. The worst thing that can happen to a Korean woman is if she gets her hair wet.

6. They have very good food in their hospitals.

Every day, in regular Korean hospitals, they serve different foods, and clam soups are accompanied by traditional appetizers, such as marinated rice, vegetable pancakes, and kimchi.

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