30-Second Tests That’ll Show if You Have a Healthy Body

The risk of getting sick increases drastically as we grow old and our immune system becomes weaker, according to doctors. While it is recommended that you get a full physical check-up every 2 years, here are some quick tests you can try at home for your own peace of mind. These will only take about 30 seconds and let you know if everything is okay with your body or not.

We compiled a list of 5 super-quick tests that will tell you if there’s a need for you to visit a specialist or if there’s nothing to worry about.

Stretch your butt muscles.

30-Second Tests That’ll Show if You Have a Healthy Body

  • Lie down comfortably with your face facing the floor.
  • Keep both of your arms straight by your side.
  • Keep your left leg flat and slowly raise your right leg up.
  • Bend your leg at the knee and hold this position for 30 seconds.

If you do this successfully, your body is healthy. But, if the test was painful for you, you might have a problem with your gluteus maximus, one of the strongest muscles in your body.

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