40 Little-Known Facts That Might Be Extremely Useful When You’re at the Airport

Airport employees and people who travel a lot are the best ones to ask about how things happen in airports. Have you ever wondered why passengers in sneakers don’t need to take their footwear off at the security checkpoints in some airports or why power banks have to stay in your carry-on baggage? We’re sure you’d like to know how to cancel non-refundable tickets and get your money back or how to significantly reduce the costs for transfers, hotels, and food even if it’s your first trip and you don’t have any discount cards.

We recommend carefully reading this list of advice before your next trip, and if you’re already a seasoned travel pro, pay it forward and add your personal ideas and recommendations in the comments.

40 Little-Known Facts That Might Be Extremely Useful When You’re at the Airport

  • Airports use scanners that don’t harm human health. That’s the reason that employees are able to sit near them in ordinary clothes instead of having to stay in a separate room. Even if you pass by a luggage scanner, the harm to your body will be minimal.
  • The radiation you get during a flight is less than the dose of radiation that a person receives in their daily life. But if an aircraft happens to be in a thunder cloud, then people onboard get a dose of radiation that is equal to the one gotten during certain types of x-rays.
  • If you are going to take a flight without onboard catering, take ramen with you and ask the crew to pour some boiling water over it. You can also take some snacks like nuts, chips, chocolate, granola, and even instant oatmeal onboard. A bag of tea can also be useful when at the airport — since many cafes will provide you with free boiling water.

40 Little-Known Facts That Might Be Extremely Useful When You’re at the Airport

  • Things from carry-on luggage, that are seized during the pre-flight inspection, can be stored at the airport for a period of up to 3 months. Also, you can mail them to any address inside the country. But, in most cases, all you need to do is to shift these things to your checked baggage beforehand.
  • Items confiscated by security are often sold at special auctions that offer worldwide delivery.
  • In some airports (like Dublin, for example) drinking water can be bought after the security check at affordable prices. In Canada and the US, passengers are allowed to carry a bottle with ice or an empty bottle in order to fill it with drinking water from special water fountains after passing through security.
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