5 Serious Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health

It’s been said that if a person follows a diet, they’re always hungry and in turn, angry and annoyed. But sometimes our irascibility turns into depression. It might not necessarily be connected with hunger but rather from a change in your eating patterns. When we start keeping a diet, we usually focus on getting rid of excess weight and completely forget that our bodies need lots of microelements to be healthy.

We decided to find out why our eating patterns can cause depression. Here are 5 signs indicating that your diet is affecting your health and mood.

Leg cramps

You have to pay attention to your diet if you start experiencing recurring leg cramps. This may indicate that you need more magnesium which helps activate enzymes responsible for serotonin production (that’s why you feel depressed).

In cases of a lack of magnesium and depression, doctors usually recommend magnesium-rich medications. In cases of minor deviations, you may consume foods enriched with elements contained in:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • peas
  • pine nuts

Loss of appetite, fatigue, shortness of breath

5 Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health

A loss of appetite can really make a person who wants to lose weight happy. But it may also be accompanied by shortness of breath and fatigue, which aren’t good at all. These symptoms indicate that your body is experiencing iron deficiency anemia which causes depression.

You can solve this problem by consuming iron-rich supplements or foods like:

  • liver (beef or pork)
  • kidney (beef, lamb, veal, or pork)
  • octopus
  • soybeans
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