6 best smart home software for Windows PC users

Sci-Fi movies from even 10 or 20 years ago have envision what the future would be like in terms of technology. They didn’t get a lot of things right but they did touch on a very important subject : home automation. Even in those old movies you could see that people were aspiring to build homes full of tech that allows for maximum comfort and convenience.

Today’s various gadgets and devices have made that vision true for the most part and people who want to fully automate their homes can finally do so. Of course, devices won’t just magically run and see to people’s every command, so they need software.

In this article we are going to take a look at the best home automation software for Windows and your best bets for when you want to bring your home “into the future”. There are quite a few solutions and many of the top picks share some core functionalities that are absolutely necessary for a smooth and functional home automation.

However, smaller and less obvious features in some cases compile the bulk of differences. Between the various automation software solutions that currently dominate the market and the long list of needs that some home owners encumber themselves with in hope of creating the perfect automation platform, there are some really nice options out there.


One of the thing people are most concerned about when it comes to pairing their devices with software is compatibility. It can be very frustrating when you implement software that is not fully compatible with all of your machines and gadgets. Luckily, there are solutions such as Domoticz that cover a wide array of home automation devices.

Since Domoticz features support over a fairly large range of device families, spreading from the likes of remote controls to sensors and detectors and everything in between, users usually feel safe using this software. The fact that they can count on a platform that supports all their devices is great and it’s one of the most important things you can look for in automation software. All the other features aren’t really that great if you can’t get it to communicate with the brand new smart devices you bought.

One of the biggest perks for Domoticz is that it is accessible on a wide range of platforms ranging from your typical computer to smaller things like smartphones and even the ultra low-cost power solution Raspberry Pi. On top of the standard software you also get access to a bunch of additional optional implementations coming from third party developers.

The software developer features a list of all the third party perks on their website so it’s easy to see exactly what is available and what you can benefit from personally. When you put all features together you quickly realize that Demoticz has been developed not just for a standard home automation but also the incorporation of much more than that through capabilities such as extensive sharing with both local and external devices.

Being able to use external devices is a great perk in itself, let alone when you integrate it in the overall system. Speaking of playing with the system, users that go for Demoticz are able to create their own switch codes which can really come in handy in diverse situations.

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