9 Pieces of Clothing That Are Too Dangerous to Wear Every Day

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” But he probably had no idea how right he was when he compared fashion with a disease. It turns out that staying trendy every day can actually be dangerous for our health. Tight corsets are a thing of the past but even in the 21st century, there are things that can cause a lot of health issues.

We care about your health and encourage you to read about the trendy things people wear every day. They probably don’t even realize that they’re risking their health.

1. Skinny jeans

9 Pieces of Clothing That Are Too Dangerous to Wear Every Day

A good pair of jeans is the most universal clothing in the world. Many girls and women choose skinny jeans to highlight their beautiful hips and legs. But, unfortunately, these jeans disrupt the blood circulation which leads to varicose veins and cellulite. The skin can’t “breathe” because the fabric is too close to the body, and ingrown hairs may even appear on the hips and in the bikini area.

2. High heels

9 Pieces of Clothing That Are Too Dangerous to Wear Every Day

When a woman puts on high-heeled shoes, she transforms immediately: she becomes way more feminine and fit. But this doesn’t mean that she should wear high heels every day. This fashionable item will lead to backache, leg pain, and swelling. Also, wearing high heels often can cause a hernia and a rounded spine.

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