9 Things That We Wash Too Often, and 9 More That We Usually Forget About

Most people use resources inefficiently because according to statistics, 90% of clothes we wash aren’t dirty. At the same time, while we wash one item of clothing, we forget about others that ought to be tossed directly into the washing machine.

We like preciseness, so why we figured out how often we should start up the washing machine.

1. Leggings vs jeans

9 Things That We Wash Too Often, and 9 More That We Usually Forget About

The frequent washing of jeans washes out the paint and makes jeans’ fabric lose its shape. Moreover, high temperatures promote shrinkage which will make your favorite jeans look differently on you than on the day you bought them. “Do you want to save your jeans? Never put them in the washing machine.” That’s the advice Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh gives. The head of the company confessed that he hadn’t machine washed his jeans for more than 10 years.

“It’s better to wash jeans as rarely as possible. Not only for preserving the color and shape but also for saving water because it decreases the negative effect on the environment.”

Chip Bergh, Levi’s CEO

Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes. But keep in mind that jeans were created for cowboys and workers and those guys didn’t bother much with cleanness. Take these guys as an example — relax and clean your jeans as they become heavily soiled in cold water, remembering to turn them inside out.

Things are totally different with leggings. The problem with all tight-fitting clothing is that it absorbs sweat well and creates a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria which results in the appearance of unpleasant smells. If you wear leggings in everyday life, you can wash them after 2-3 wears, but if you use them for active sports, wash them after each training session.

2. Sports bras vs everyday bras

9 Things That We Wash Too Often, and 9 More That We Usually Forget About

About 200 women have been surveyed and asked how often they wash their bras. About one-third of women said they do it every 2 weeks while the rest do it even more rarely, given that they don’t wear the same bra every day.

Having several sets of lingerie, you can change them every day and wash them more rarely. It helps them to keep a good look, as well as preserve their shape and not stretch. Sports bras, however, don’t have such options — you should wash them after every wear.

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