9 Things That You’d Better Not Vacuum

Vacuuming up broken or spilled things with a vacuum oftentimes sounds like the best solution, taking into account that many of us have wireless vacuums that can easily replace brooms. However, after a while we might find that our helpful appliance has a bad smell, that its working capacity has significantly decreased, or that it has stopped working altogether, for unknown reasons. And this is definitely because there are some things that shouldn’t be sucked up into a vacuum cleaner.

We learned about the other things, aside from the mercury from a broken thermometer, that should never be vacuumed.

1. Coffee, coffee grounds, and cocoa

9 Things That You’d Better Not Vacuum

If you try to vacuum used coffee grounds, this will promote the growth of mold in the dust bin. Used grounds are always wet, even when it seems they are not. In addition, these particles quickly stick to the inner parts of the vacuum and it becomes almost impossible to clean them.

Dry coffee, as well as cocoa, are also dangerous for the vacuum cleaner because their small particles can block the filters. They can also get inside the engine and disable it.

2. Soil and other dry parts of house plants

Have your kids ever tracked soil through the hallway? The first thing we want to grab in this situation is a vacuum cleaner. However, in this case, it’s better to clean the carpet with a brush because the vacuum will push the dirt inside the fluff even deeper and it will be very difficult to get it out.

In addition, if the spilled soil was wet, it can cause some technical issues in the engine. The dried flowers and leaves of indoor plants can easily clog a flexible hose or filter. They also stay moist once they’re inside the vacuum, which can be harmful to different parts of the appliance.

3. Hair

It’s impossible to avoid getting hair inside the vacuum, but it’s still worth watching out for animal fur and human hair and not letting it get into the vacuum in large amounts. They clog the dustbin and filters very fast. Once too much hair gets into the appliance, the power of the vacuum cleaner can greatly decrease — even during one cleaning.

Some wireless vacuum cleaners are equipped with fast, rotating brushes that roll up the hair so much, you will have to disassemble the device or clean the brushes manually.

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