9 Things That You’d Better Not Vacuum

4. Cosmetics

9 Things That You’d Better Not Vacuum

Cosmetic powder, highlighters, and other cosmetics that seem dry, actually contain various oils and substances that start to melt under the influence of hot air. That’s why cosmetics are considered one of the most dangerous enemies of the vacuum cleaner — all because the fat components will melt inside the appliance and clog the mechanical parts and filters. It’s almost impossible to clean the filters once cosmetics get into them and oftentimes you will have to completely replace them.

5. Small paper parts and confetti

Confetti clogs the vacuum very fast, which causes the appliance to get overheated and the engine to stop operating. Confetti that is made out of foil is even more dangerous than paper confetti. The particles quickly melt inside the vacuum under the influence of hot air, get stuck in hard-to-reach places, and stop the vacuum from working.

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