An Experienced Cosmetologist Shares 12 Tips to Save You Time and Money

Evgeniya Dragunskaya is a cosmetologist with 25 years of working experience. She is also the author of the book, An Honest Talk With the Cosmetologist. It can be said that she works as a restorer of the human face, removing traces of time. She also has her own Instagram and blog where she answers the trickiest questions and shares the secrets of youth and beauty.

We think that our readers might be interested in getting advice from an experienced cosmetologist about how to have a healthy attitude toward skin health.

Most skin problems are due to nutrition.

Oftentimes, skin problems are connected with a poor diet often including a deficiency of some elements and an abundance of others.

  • Skin dryness can be caused by a deficiency of zinc, selenium, vitamins E and D, or by a condition known as hypothyroidism, which is the lack of thyroid hormones.
  • Premature aging can be caused by a low level of cholesterol, a high level of ferritin, as well as the deficiency of triglycerides. Triglycerides are fats that are the main source of energy for the body.
  • Demodicosis (or oral dermatitis) is a consequence of the frequent use of sugar and gluten. Acne rosacea is the small intestine and pancreas’ reaction to dairy products, alcohol, and gluten. Seborrhea is a combination of a lack of water with excess carbohydrates. All these diseases are characterized by facial redness.
  • Small rashes on the forehead are the result of an overconsumption of sugar.
  • Acne and rashes on the cheeks and chin are a sign of impaired bile secretion, usually due to excessive consumption of dairy products.

Why do we get an urge for certain products?

An Experienced Cosmetologist Shares 12 Tips to Save You Time and Money

Evgeniya often hears from her patients, “I can’t live without chocolate, cheese, or meat.” The reason for this claim may be hiding behind a deficiency of important elements. For example:

  • An urge for chocolate means a lack of magnesium.
  • An urge for salty or spicy products means a deficiency of serotonin or low blood pressure.
  • Taste perversions, or when people get a desire to eat limes or other “non-products,” signals a possible deficiency of iron and zinc.
  • If a patient says they can’t live without sausage or cheese, it can mean they suffer from an emotional anchor, which means they need to seek help from a psychologist.

In order to prescribe the correct treatment, a cosmetologist needs to know the condition of your body, which is why it’s important to do all the necessary tests and correct the diet.

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