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25 Five-Star Facts About Netflix You Probably Didn’t Know

Netflix has come a long way since its early beginnings in 1997. Back then it was just a DVD by mail subscription service; now it’s a huge media conglomerate. Leading the way in instant streaming, it redefined how we watch movies and television, bringing down Blockbuster in the process. Time will tell if Netflix can remain the top dog. But what is it that makes Netflix tick? Here are 25 Five-Star Facts About Netflix You Probably Didn’t Know.

The Netflix DVD Inspector is always busy.

netflix hq

Ever wonder what happens to your DVD when you send it back to Netflix? A Netflix DVD Inspector gets it and has to review it. They sort through 650 DVDs per hour which comes out to 5,200 DVDs a day.

Netflix knows how long it takes you to decide on a movie.


Netflix runs tons of data on their users. Their researchers have found it could only take 90 seconds for the company to lose a customers interest. So, essentially, you either pick a movie in around two minutes or you give up.

Netflix is older than Google.

google logo

Netflix was founded in 1997. Originally, they were a subscription DVD mailing service and not the instant streaming giant they are today. Google, however, started in 1998.

Their employees are treated like grown-ups.


Netflix allows their employees a ton of freedom. They get unlimited vacation time, can expense without getting approval from their managers as long as it’s in Netflix’s best interest, and they don’t have traditional yearly performance reviews. However, if they don’t work at a super-high level of performance, they’re quickly shown the door.

In broadband terms, Canada is considered a third-world country.


Every country has a varying standard of internet access speed. In Netflix’s view, Canada is a third-world country when it comes to internet broadband. They called Canada’s broadband caps and excessive overage fees a “human rights violation.”

Some early subscribers got Chinese pornography.


In 1998, Netflix didn’t have all the kinks ironed out for its service. When it tried to offer footage of Clinton’s grand jury testimony about Monica Lewinksy, they sent 100 customers DVD of Chinese pornography.

Binge watching could mean you have depression.


Netflix practically invented binge watching or if anything, exacerbated the problem. In a new study, it showed that binge watching has a direct link to anxiety and depression.

Blockbuster passed up a $50 million offer to buy Netflix.


Everyone knows now that Netflix essentially brought down the movie rental giant Blockbuster. But back in 2000, the Blockbuster CEO declined a $50 million offer to buy out the new company. They probably deeply regret that decision now.

Netflix wants to spoil your shows.

spoiler alert

Netflix doesn’t care about spoilers. If you aren’t caught up, it’s on you. To prove they don’t care, they made an entire website to ruin all of your show’s secrets in 20 minutes.

They had a huge content description mishap.

netflix desc

In 2014, they had a huge content description mishap, mixing up two different descriptions into one. The results were kind of hilarious, and the lucky few who experienced it did the world a favor and saved the evidence. An example of one of the descriptions reads, “Decades after the adventures of the Enterprise crew, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard leads the new Enterprise on missions of a reggae artist.”

Netflix was originally called “Kibble.”

marc randolph

When first getting started, co-founder Marc Randolph couldn’t come up with a name for the company, so he just used “Kibble” while they were setting things up. Eventually, he and Reed Hastings agreed on their current name.

The idea came out of a VHS late fee.


After getting a late fee of $40 for a VHS movie rental, Reed Hastings got the idea for Netflix, a movie rental subscription with no late fees.

The website has tons of secret categories.

netflix thumb

Everyone knows about the standard categories on Netflix’s website but apparently if you type in the specific URL, “” and put in specific codes where the “###” are, it’ll bring up new categories. If you’re in the mood for Deep Sea Horror Movies, check out 45028.

The most watched Netflix show may surprise you.

fuller house

Over the years, Netflix has released some very popular shows, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. However, most recently, Fuller House has proven to be the most watched show on Netflix with Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, and Stranger Things close behind.

Netflix is definitely an internet hog.

Netflix tv

Whether we like it or not, movie streaming sucks up a lot of internet bandwidth. Because of that, Netflix hogs most of the internet with 22.2% of daily internet traffic in North America alone.

Netflix watches BitTorrent very closely.


Netflix needs to know what you like and what is popular to lure you to its subscription service. In order to know trends, Netflix monitors BitTorrent very closely to see what people are watching illegally.

House of Cards wasn’t their first original show.


When Netflix started to dive into its own original programming, House of Cardstook up all the spotlight. However, their first original program was Lilyhammer.

Parents are statistically more likely to have Netflix.


With its large catalog of children’s programming, it makes sense for a parent to sign up to Netflix, and statistically speaking, they are more likely to have it. Kids love to re-watch shows.

A study showed “Netflix Cheating” is very popular.

netflix cheating

“Netflix Cheating” is when a couple watches a television show together, but one watches ahead in the show behind their significant other’s back without letting them know. In a study, it showed 46% of couples do this, and it only is getting worse as time goes on.

Netflix signed a four movie deal with Adam Sandler.

adam sandler

Adam Sandler has a unique niche of fans, and anyone outside of that circle usually hates him. Netflix decided to capture that niche with a four movie deal, while Sandler decided to sign the deal because, well, “Netflix rhymes with wet chicks.” His words.

New Netflix employees start at $17 an hour.

desk job

Netflix not only treats their employees like adults but pays them fairly generously. Their entry-level customer service job starts at $17.34 an hour.

While they don’t release ratings, they’re still available.

netflix red carpet

Since their business is solely based on subscriptions and not views, Netflix doesn’t care about ratings too much. Because of that, they don’t officially release their ratings, but there are other ways to tell if a show is doing well with a simple Google search.

House of Cards was the first online programming to win an Emmy.


When Netflix released House of Cards, it totally changed the dynamic of television, and the Emmy awards took notice. They loved the show so much, they gave it 14 nominations; it took home three.

Netflix is more popular than cable television.

netflix menu

With online streaming becoming more prevalent, Netflix officially leaped over the cable subscriber market in 2017, making 50 million subscribers, while cable reduced its base to 48 million.

Netflix users stream 100 million hours of content a day.

netflix phone

With upwards of 50 million subscribers, it makes sense all of its users would stream up to 100 million hours of content a day. But, the thought is mind-blowing all the same.

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