16 Expert-Backed Tips For Fighting Flight Anxiety

Avoid disaster movies

This one’s a no-brainer. Watching disaster movies or reading up on plane crashes is going to have a serious impact on your plane anxiety if you’re a nervous flyer. There’s no reason to make your flying anxiety worse, is there? So, avoid any movies and pictures that might scare you.

Think positive

You’d be amazed what you can convince yourself of. A lot of our anxieties simply come from overthinking, or repeated nervous experiences. And before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself to be afraid or anxious. You can train yourself to switch this around by thinking positive. Just remember the facts and take your mind off the plane by thinking about your holiday plans. Are you going swimming? Are you getting a massage the minute you step off the plane? Focus on that, if you can.

Another idea is to read a book or watch a movie. You can distract yourself from your fear of flying with a few repeat happy thoughts. It really does work.



Picturing yourself in a safe, comfortable place can be a powerful antidote to anxiety. Just like I said before: happy thoughts. Picture your plane taking off and landing safely. This is a great way to convince yourself to stay positive. Imagine yourself having a great flight, enjoying some wine and snacks, watching a movie and reading your favourite book.

Try to focus on this image when you board the plane. Picture a smooth take off, then experience it. Picture a safe landing, look forward to it, then enjoy it when it happens.

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