How can the Dikul workout improve your health?

Studies show that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. And the most common types of pain are located in the lower back (27%) and neck (15%). It can be challenging to deal with this pain, but imagine walking again and living a full life after you were told that you never would. We know of someone who did that – Valentin Dikul. And he took it even one step further by creating an entire workout system to change people’s lives just like he once changed his own.

We have learned all about who Valentin Dikul is, how he came to create his own workout system and medical center, and why his set of exercises can improve your life and potentially change it completely.

How was the Dikul workout created?

What the Dikul Workout Is and Why It Can Change Your Life

Valentin Dikul is a circus gymnast, and, surprisingly, the head of Rehabilitation Center for those with musculoskeletal system diseases. Having had a rough childhood, he managed to achieve his dream of becoming a circus artist. However, in 1962, during a performance in Kaunas, a steel support cross beam broke, throwing Dikul down from a safety wire standing 40 ft high. The doctors said that the boy would never walk again. However, Dikul was not one to fall into despair. He started doing exercises, first with the upper part of his body, then engaging his paralyzed limbs as if they were healthy.

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