How To Know Which Genes Come From Your Mom and Which You Get From Your Dad

If you’ve heard someone tell you something like, “You are a copy of your mother,” you should know that this is a false statement. In fact, we (especially women) are more like our fathers, and not our mothers. Besides, there is a theory that a father’s lifestyle before the conception of the baby, including the food he eats and how he feels, are the basis of the future health of the baby. This article will tell you about the traits that are inherited from the father and which are from the mother.

We want you to remember that even if you have good genes, you should still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because, in the end, your lifestyle is the key factor to how you will look and feel.

Most of the time, children inherit the shape of the tip of their nose, the area around their lips, the size of their cheekbones, the corners of their eyes, and the shape of their chin. These are the key areas highlighted during facial recognition, and people whose have similar-looking areas that we mentioned above, will appear almost identical to us.

Inclination for mental illness

With age, the quality of sperm decreases. This is why elderly people can pass on mutated genes to their children. This increases the risk of developing mental illnesses, autism, hyperactivity, or bipolar disorder. Also, children born to fathers who are over 45 years old or more are more likely to be suicidal and have learning difficulties.

At any age, men who have coronary heart disease are likely to pass it on to their sons. And men who were infertile and the conception was done artificially, often have sons with the same problem.

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