How to Rescue a Dog in 6 Steps

Unexpected health issues can appear in a dog of any age, breed, and state of health. If their heart suddenly stops or they can’t breathe, rushing to a vet won’t be an option. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind a simple and effective first aid technique that will help you to bring your 4-legged friend back to life.

We are ready to help all the dog owners out there, and wants you to learn 2 basic procedures — compressions and artificial respiration — to always be ready for anything.

How to Rescue a Dog in 6 Steps

  • Checking your dog’s breathing: Put your hand in front of their nose and try to feel the air. Also, check to see if their chest rises and falls. If a dog is not breathing, then check their mouth for an obstruction and pull their tongue forward.
  • Checking your dog’s pulse: Hold the large pad of their paw to feel their pulse, or check it inside of the hind leg at the place where leg joins the body.
  • If your dog has a pulse, but isn’t breathing then you will need to perform artificial respiration. If it has no pulse, you will need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Warning: You should not practice CPR on a healthy dog. This can cause serious health issues, especially if the procedure is not performed right.

Step 1: Position your dog properly

How to Rescue a Dog in 6 Steps

  • First, put your dog on their right side on a flat hard surface.
  • Your dog’s head should be positioned straight, and their neck extended. This positioning is supposed to open a direct passage for their airway.
  • In the dog’s mouth, pull their tongue forward to make it lie on the back of the dog’s teeth and then close their jaw. Get behind the dog.
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