How To Spot A Fake Rolex: 10 Tell-Tale Signs Yours Might Be Fake


The winder, or the thing that allows you to change the date and time, is intricately made on a real Rolex. Some people compare them to a work of art because of the amount of intricate detail that goes into creating this minuscule piece.

Counterfeit watches will usually replace this with a standard cylindrical piece that looks like that of any other watch. Many companies choose to skimp on this detail because it would be too costly to have this part custom made for their fakes.


The interior of a Rolex is as classy as the exterior, as it looks clean and immaculate. It should also have a stamp on at least one of the visible interior pieces that label it as a Rolex product.

The counterfeits tend to miss this detail because few owners take the time to open up their watch to check. It is also nowhere near as beautiful as the interior of an actual Rolex, as they skimp on quality to save themselves a few dollars during the production phase.

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