How To Test Your Heart And Circulatory System By Holding Your Hands In Ice Water For 30 Seconds

By submerging your hands in ice water for thirty seconds, you can gather valuable data about the health of your cardiovascular system. Here’s how!

This medical tests lets you check your cardiovascular system’s health right from home.

Heart function changes depending on a number of different factors. These include medications, stress, weight, heredity, and physical activity. But if you want to find out about the health of your heart, you can do a simple procedure at home. First, pour icy water into a small bowl or other container. Then, immerse your hands in the water for thirty seconds. Finally, evaluate your results.

How do you evaluate your results?

Look at your fingertips. If they’ve turned too pale or they’re tinged with blue, you likely have problems with the circulation of your blood. If your fingertips have turned red or pink, this is a sign that your cardiovascular system is functioning perfectly.

These seven products improve overall blood circulation.

There are a number of foods you can eat to improve the flow of blood in your body.


The first is garlic, which reduces your blood pressure and keeps plaques from growing.

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