How to Travel For Free: 40+ Websites That Can Help You Save Money When Traveling

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest and most profitable industries, with $8.27 trillion in revenue every year. With this enormous number, many people believe that traveling requires a lot of money. But this is not entirely true. Traveling can be quite cheap or even profitable if you know where to look.

We love traveling and encourage our readers to see as much of the world as they can. Here is the list of services that will have you ready to pack your suitcase and head out the door to explore the world!

1. Farming and volunteering

How to Travel For Free: 40+ Websites That Can Help You Save Money When Traveling

If you see traveling as more than just laying on a beach and doing nothing, WWOOF may be a good choice. The organization connects farm owners around the globe with young people who are eager to help them in exchange for accommodation and food. You can apply to any type of job almost everywhere — from making cheese in Italy to sowing seeds in Cambodia.

Other great services that provide you with similar opportunities are Workaway and HelpX. And if you’re afraid that the work will take a lot of time — don’t worry, the volunteers usually work for only a few hours a day.

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