13 Natural Cleaning Products With No Harsh Chemicals And How To Use Them

To stay healthy and full of energy, we make an effort to only buy eco-friendly products, get rid of synthetic fabric, and replace our furniture with environmentally friendly ones made from wood or recycled materials. However, sometimes, we forget to read the content of detergents that we regularly buy to clean our homes.

Unfortunately, manufacturers often change the product’s name but not its content, assuming that adding the word “eco” on the label would make the world cleaner by itself.

We collected some organic substitutes for detergents that are absolutely harmless not only for humans, but also for the environment.

Olive oil

This is the best cleaner for even the most expensive furniture. In addition, it’s very cost-effective — you only need a couple of drops for cleaning. Olive oil also refreshes and polishes wooden surfaces.

This is a great substitute for polish and wood surface cleaners.

How to use it:

  • Place a couple of drops on a cotton fabric to refresh and polish wood or leather furniture and parquet.
  • To protect wicker furniture against cracking, wipe it with olive oil from time to time.

Essential oils

Oils are the best air fresheners and excellent disinfectors. Using them, you can turn the cleaning process into aromatherapy. Oils can prevent mold and mildew growth on walls.

You can use them as an air freshener, disinfectant, wood floor cleaner, and anti-mildew cleaner.

How to use it:

  • Wipe all the surfaces where bacterias can accumulate with lavender oil or tea tree oil — kitchen worktops, cutting boards, and sanitary ware.
  • Add 30 drops to 5 liters of water to wash floors.
  • A mixture of undiluted lemon, melissa, fir wood, juniper, thyme, mint, lavender, and fir oils dissolves a greasy spot on fabric within 3-5 minutes.
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