The 7 Habits of Happy People according to Warren Buffet

When talking about Warren Buffett opinions often tend to differ tremendously.

If success is defined as financial success, Buffett with his fortune of 83billion US dollars is pretty successful.

In fact, he is considered the most successful investor of the 21st century

While his 5/25 rule is known to many people, not many people know his list of seven habits that happy people have in common:

1. Don’t show off

So far, Buffett has given over 40 billion to charity and he declared to donate about 90% of his fortune.

With the shiny, bright looking Instagrammy World that many people are showing off with on their social media channels, not showing off as a way to be happier seems paradoxal.

It seems like many people try to look happy just by showing off in the digital world – without actually being satisfied with their lives.

However, true happiness can only be achieved if you absolutely don’t have the urge to show anything to anyone.

If you are happy with yourself and proud of your own results, you don’t need anyone else to know about what you’ve produced.

Next time you find yourself talking about your own life, try to evaluate if you are showing off. Once you know yourself better, you can also actively work on improving.

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