The Reasons Why Study Says Bad-Tempered Women Are Smarter

If people complain about you being too grumpy, let them talk and take it as a compliment. Scientists say that women who are usually bad-tempered are also smarter, so from now on, don’t feel like you need to be a well-behaved and always positive person. Instead welcome your unbearable side with open arms, and count it as a blessing.

We will explain to you the results of the study that concluded that being a little serious, can work to your advantage.

Why being moody makes you smarter

A Study Says Bad-Tempered Women Are Smarter

A thorough investigation led by scientists from the University of New South Wales and Stanford University concluded that bad-tempered women are usually more intelligent. The result was based on the fact that when women get moody, they not only make better decisions, they also show a more acute memory to retrieve facts and details from their mind.

A Study Says Bad-Tempered Women Are Smarter

A bad temper is characterized by mental negativity, which makes people more aware of their surroundings. This is why when a woman is grumpier, she tends to focus and reason intensely about what she’s seeing, thinking, and doing at that moment.

Temperamental women have a constant underlying bad mood in their personalities that allows them to pay more attention and be smarter about diverse areas in their lives. This is especially true when they need to make important decisions or come up with solutions to hard professional, social, or business problems because they make a cold-headed analysis, instead of using sentimental reasoning.

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