These 8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good

6. Chewing gum

8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good

Although gum doesn’t have any nutritional benefits, it’s been scientifically proven that chewing it provides a better study and test-taking aid than caffeine. Chewing gum can help you focus, sharpen your memory, reduce stress, and balance your hormones by raising the cortisol level.

5. Farting

8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good

Even if you aren’t aware of it happening, your body releases gas about 14 times a day and about 3-5 times during your sleep. As a rule, your digestive tract starts producing carbon dioxide and methane about 6 hours after eating and farting helps your body get rid of them. If you’re trying to hold the gas in, it may trigger abdominal pain or bloating.

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