These 9 “Dangerous” Symptoms Actually We Don’t Need to Worry About

Swollen lymph nodes

9 “Dangerous” Symptoms We Don’t Need to Worry About

Any change in lymph nodes scares a lot of people because this symptom develops when someone has cancer. However, they may change even when the problem is not serious. A regular cold can cause them to increase in size. In this case, the change in the size of the lymph nodes signals that the organ starts working more so that the production of cells fighting the virus is increased.

Instead of panicking, just touch the lymph nodes after several days. Most likely, their size will go back to normal after the infection is gone.

Some people may notice that their lymph nodes are more prominent than other people’s. But this also doesn’t mean that they have a disease since the size depends on age, height, weight, and other physiological characteristics.

Irregular menstrual cycle

9 “Dangerous” Symptoms We Don’t Need to Worry About

On average, periods come once a month. But many girls and women take this a bit too literally. Once a month doesn’t mean it will happen on the same day every month. A healthy menstrual cycle can be anywhere between 21 to 45 days.

Things you don’t even notice can influence the change of your menstrual cycle: stress at work, going on vacation, and even very small changes in your diet. Girls whose period is irregular or who started taking birth control pills may have variable periods too and this is perfectly normal.

So, don’t panic if you notice that your menstrual cycle is a bit irregular.

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