Top 10 Ways to Stay Comfortable During a Long Flight

Long flights in economy class can sometimes be really tough — you have to stay seated for a long time, your usual sleep schedule gets ruined, and your flight attendants decide for you what and when you’re going to eat. However, if you’re thoroughly prepared, all of these little inconveniences won’t make you feel exhausted even after a long-haul flight from one corner of the world to another.

We made a list of 10 hacks that will help you survive a long flight without damaging your nerves and body.

10. Bring a tennis ball.

10 Ways to Stay Comfortable During a Long Flight

When you’re sitting, place a tennis ball or a massage ball in the small of your back. This little hack will help you release muscle stiffness and prevent lower back pain during a flight. Besides that, you’ll get a nice DIY back massage.

9. Plan your bathroom usage.

10 Ways to Stay Comfortable During a Long Flight

The ideal time to use the airplane bathroom is just after flight attendants have served food and moved out of the aisle.

People usually wait until their trays are collected before getting up from their seats and heading to deal with their needs. So while other passengers are occupied with their food and waiting for their trays to be taken away by the crew, you can enjoy your time in a relatively clean and peaceful restroom.

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