Top 10 DIY Photography Projects You Can Do Right Now

Whether you love taking pictures with a DSLR, your smartphone, or something in between, now’s a great time to get that perfect shot. If you need accessories, some lighting, a studio, or other tools to help you get it, here are some great projects that take a little time, energy, and some DIY spirit.

10. Build Affordable, Portable, Quality Lighting

One of the most important things you need as a photographer is good lighting, especially if you plan to take great portraits and photos of objects. That said, good lighting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve shown you how even the most affordable lighting can make a huge difference, if you know how to position it, and even how to shoot great portraits and headshots with just one light.

9. Get Steady Shots and Video with a DIY Steadicam

Avoiding the dreaded shaky-cam is another important thing for budding photographers to learn, and for old hands to remember. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and while learning to breathe like a sniper will get you so far, you can also build a DIY Steadicam that’ll help you get perfect shots and smooth video everywhere you go.

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