Top 10 Fatal Mistakes That Even Gurus of Healthy Eating Make

When shifting to a healthy lifestyle, many people are unable to reach their goals. Maybe the reason is in their confidence that they have chosen the right strategy for eating. But if we look closer, we will find out that much of our knowledge about healthy products is actually false.

We support people’s struggle toward self-perfection and want to help them improve their knowledge in the area of healthy eating. Let’s finally bust the 10 most popular myths about healthy eating.

1. We choose organic products.

11 Fatal Mistakes That Even Gurus of Healthy Eating Make

Organic products are believed to be healthier and safer than regular ones but there is no scientific evidence that proves this. When growing these products, farmers don’t use synthetic pesticides. Instead, they are replaced with natural pesticides and their side effects have been poorly studied.

Moreover, the “Eco” or “Natural” mark on the package doesn’t always mean healthier food. Sometimes it’s just a marketing ploy that is used for increasing sales. When buying these products it’s important to pay attention to their content, origin, and appearance.

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