TOP 10 Flight Attendant Secrets That Passengers Don’t Even Know About

A plane in the eyes of flight attendants and a plane in the eyes of passengers are two completely different worlds. And if the former know all its secrets, then the latter may have no idea about them.

We collected 10 tips from flight attendants on how to get the maximum comfort from any flight.

Be the last person to board.

If you checked in for a flight at a different time to your fellow traveler, there’s a solution: just board last. When all the passengers take their seats, you can immediately see which seats are free. And the fact that the door has already been closed behind you and there will be no more passengers gives you the opportunity to occupy any empty seat onboard.

Don’t drink too much alcohol.

Flight attendants warn that one glass in the sky is equal to two on the ground. And this is true since altitude affects blood in such a way that alcohol during a flight affects you much more than on the ground. So even if you drink simply because you’re afraid to fly, you risk becoming too relaxed.

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