Use These 12 Secrets That Will Save You From Food Poisoning

Food producers nowadays use additives and chemicals in their products to make them “better” and last longer. As people globally tend to take care of their health, they believe that such food can be poisonous.

We found 12 secrets that will help you save yourself from food poisoning. Check them out below.

12. Cottage cheese

Do you crave some real cottage cheese? Then you need to know that some dairy producers add starch to it, which turns the final product into curd instead.

How to check: Add a few drops of iodine to it, and stir well. If it turns blue, then it is really poor-quality “curd” and not a cottage cheese.

11. Milk

Have you always wanted to enjoy high-quality fresh farm milk bought from a supermarket? Well, most milk companies also add normalized milk to their product. Normalized milk has been altered to either be low fat or skimmed.

How to check: To detect a fake milk, mix it with a pure spirit in a ratio of 1:2. If the milk is good quality, flakes will appear in 5-7 seconds; if it is fake, it will take much longer.

10. Crystallized fruit

Crystallized fruits are fruits, berries, and sometimes even vegetables boiled in sugar syrup, then dried. Remember that real crystallized fruits are never brightly colored.

How to check: Dip the candied fruits into warm water: if they become colorless or dissolve completely, this means the manufacturer tricked you with some gelatin and food dyes.

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