Use These 12 Secrets That Will Save You From Food Poisoning

9. Butter

Do you love having toast with butter for breakfast? Beware, some kinds of butter contain vegetable oils like palm oil, making them margarine.

How to check: Put a piece of butter into boiling water. It will quickly melt and form a layer on the surface. Margarine will turn into pieces.

Another way to see if butter contains cream is to simply freeze it and then cut it with a knife. If the pieces are even and it cuts well, you have real buttery butter in front of you.

8. White rice

Thinking about a bowl of fried rice, but doubting its quality? Some rice brands replace the real thing with synthetic resin and potatoes: it looks natural but will not taste good.

How to check: Take a spoonful of rice, and set it on fire. Fake rice will smell of plastic and have black smoke.

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