What Is Evening Anxiety and How to Control It

For those who work during the day, the night is their door to rest, studying, hobbies, and hangouts. The retreat of the sun allows for an escape from routines and obligations. For many, it can be the preferred time of day. However, sometimes, the night throws us into a steep path to walk on. Worries (some well-founded, others not so much) can make the night an uncomfortable and uncertain place.

We put together some advice to help you better understand night anxiety. We’ll explore what causes it, and give you information that will allow you to face it and overcome it.

Night anxiety

What Is Evening Anxiety and How to Control It

You are in a comfortable, familiar, warm room, sitting on your bed, what on earth could prevent you from a good night’s sleep? Nothing, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Maybe the conditions are just not quite right. Perhaps dreams are not that easy to catch, and the night vigil tingles on in our room as we toss and turn in bed, dreams getting farther and farther away.

We have all been through a situation like this and know all too well what the consequences will be. The next day will be hard because we won’t have rested enough. Nocturnal anxiety is like a nightmare we have with our eyes open wide.

However, there are ways to face it and even help us to overcome it.

What causes us to develop night anxiety

What Is Evening Anxiety and How to Control It

As the sun goes down, our worries often linger on. Sometimes the company of others may temporarily dispel our fears, together with some activities that may put our minds to rest. But when we lay down to sleep, silent and alone, all of our worries and problems may come back.

Some concern may appear in the middle of the night, and we can’t deal with it. One fear leads to another, and another, and yet another. We end up in a night world where real worries are mixed with anxiety born in the night and sleeping becomes almost impossible.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid night anxiety, and allow you to better deal with it.

1. Try to detect what it is about a situation that triggers anxiety.

What Is Evening Anxiety and How to Control It

As we’ve said before, when you lose yourself in night anxiety, you end up entangled in several concerns at once. Not all of them are real or deserving of our attention. That’s why we have to establish what it is that we really want to solve.

For example, you’ve made a mistake at work. Maybe it was not a grave mistake, but our anxiety makes it out to be bigger. It makes it into a monster, causing you to worry about your future at work. You think that you may not be able to pay your rent soon and that maybe you should move, but where? How?

So instead of really thinking about the problem and measuring its importance, you’ve lost yourself in endless worries that don’t make any sense. Pay attention to the real problem and think about how you can solve it the next day instead.

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