Workout for a Flat Belly and Slender Waist You Can Do Only 9 Minutes

A 9-Minute Workout for a Flat Belly and Slender Waist

Shaping the waist.

Shaping the waist means working on abdominal muscles. But, as you probably know, working on it doesn’t guarantee getting rid of the fatty layer. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a calorie deficit with the help of:

  • balanced nutrition
  • cardio training

A trained muscular corset and proper posture visually stretch and slim the silhouette. Achieve a slimmer mid-section by:

  • doing back stretching and controlling the posture
  • shaping up your waist and flattening your belly by target exercises

A 9-Minute Workout for a Flat Belly and Slender Waist

It is important to remember that not all abdominal exercises are useful for the waist. In fact, some exercises actually expand it. Competent trainers claim that in order to form an elegant waist, you need to pay attention to the straight abdominal muscle of the press while “pumping” oblique muscles which leads to an extension of the waist.

Here are the most “dangerous” exercises of this type:

  • body twists
  • side bends with weights
  • side bends while sitting on the floor

At the same time, stretching the side muscles in various static twists during yoga or pilates can form beautiful body lines.

Five effective exercises for a smaller waist.

This set of exercises is best performed in the written order, three times a week. The best time to workout is in the morning hours.

1. Vacuum

A 9-Minute Workout for a Flat Belly and Slender Waist

Initial position: lying on the back, legs are bent at the knees, arms down on both sides of the body. This exercise should be done on an empty stomach.

Take a deep breath, exhale through the mouth releasing the air from your lungs as much as possible while pressing the front wall of the abdomen into the spine. In this position, gravity helps you. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and relax. Gradually, you can bring the duration of “expiration” to one minute, as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Reps: 3–5 times.

Workout duration: 2 minutes or more.

  • Those experiencing health or stomach issues should be careful while performing the ’vacuum’ exercises.This exercise increases the intra-abdominal pressure that can affect unhealthy organs negatively. The exercise is contraindicated in asthma, herniated spine and heart disease.
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